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Grita is an  Adventure / Exploration game made for BYOG game jam. It follows the story of Grita who  is on a journey to make the world a better place for all it's inhabitants.


  •    Control/ Possess any wild animal found throughout the map.
  •    Five different classes of animals with 20+ variations.   
  •    Six different classes of enemies.    
  •    Five biomes to explore with varying flora and fauna.
  •    Wave based combat system.

Minor Update 0.4 Devlog :- https://ar1010.itch.io/grita/devlog/113848/minor-update-04

Update 0.3 Devlog :- https://ar1010.itch.io/grita/devlog/110692/title-update-1-genre-shift

New in 0.2  update :-

  • Various bug fixes
  • QOL improvements including skip-able tutorials.

NOTE :-  This game will be in constant development for the next few months, so expect a few major changes along the way.

Install instructions

  • Download Grita zip file.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Run the BYOG exe file.


Grita_FXS.zip 421 MB

Development log


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Hey I played every game made for BYOG19 with a windows build. Your game is one of them! Check it out!


wow amazing but can we fight?

(1 edit)

Thank you! Yes we can fight. Click on tab to get into combat mode and use Mouse buttons to perform melee or range attacks. 


Luv it so far, the graphics are really charming.

Thanks a lot for playing my game, glad you liked it. 


Thank you for playing my game!