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                                                                                             KODIAK'S TALE

 ****  WORK IN PROGRESS ****

Update 1.7b

-  Added full Controller support. 

- New dynamic Main Menu.

- Health reduction for Wave 5 boss in Arcade Mode to improve balance.

- Added  attack direction indicator.

- Minor visual improvements.

Update 1.5b

- Fixed game freeze bug.

Update 1.4b

- New Arcade Mode with 5 levels.

- Defeat all enemies in the current level before the time runs out to progress to the next level.

-  4  New Enemy types.

- QOL  UI changes.

- Audio bug fixed.

- Added Minimap and Objectives.



WASD - Movement

E- Interact with Environment

R- Mythical Kodiak Mode (Bonus Speed)

Escape- Pause


WASD - Movement

JUMP - Spcace

R- Mythical Mode

Escape - Pause

Keyboard 1 - Heal (Cooldown 30 sec)

Keyboard 2 - Teleport (Cooldown 20 sec)

Keyboard 3 -  Slow Time (Cooldown 75 sec)



-  Download the  ZIP file by clicking the download icon below.

- Unzip the downloaded file.

- Open the "Sgj19" file to start the game.

NOTE:- There is no save system in this game .


Music: https://www.purple-planet.com

Character(s): https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/ja/slug/poly-art-wolf , https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/slug/modular-rpg-heroes-polyart , https://quaternius.itch.io/ 


KT 1.7.1b.zip 246 MB

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